T. Family | Tucson AZ Family Photographer

These are some of my most favorite people! I spend quite a bit of time with Michelle and Lily, since we do a type of joy school preschool together. They are great friends!

What makes these photos more special is the beautiful couch. When Michelle and Sam were newly married Michelle bought this couch second hand and Sam used his mad skills to reupholster it for her. So thoughtful and sweet. 


Johnstun Family | Tucson AZ Family Photographer

I was so excited when my new friend asked me to photograph her family! Her mom, brother, and sister (+ boy friend) drove over 30 hours to for a short visit and so it was a perfect chance for family photos before they headed back. 
I love the photo above! You would never have known that one of the little ones was just stabbed by a crazy long cactus spine a few minutes earlier, before I had even taken my first shot. With tears and a down-turned lip, I thought we might be doomed with a start like that, but I was surprised by how quick things turned around and how great the little ones did.


Molly and Me

My little Molly is getting so big! She is so fun to listen to these days and says the cutest things. My favorite saying of hers is, "Mom, I love you so much." 
I love her so much too.