About Me

Hello. Welcome to my little corner of the world. My name is Heather P ('P' stands for my maiden name- just couldn't give it up). I live in American Fork UT, where I get to enjoy perfect summers and cold snowy winters. I'm a wife and mama and I absolutely adore my 4 kids.

My passion for photography started as a high school fling, when I fell for my SLR camera. You could find us tucked away in the darkroom before homeroom and after soccer practice. We would frequent the horse pasture behind our house or bribe my nieces and nephews to pose for us. Years later, I found a new love, my digital SLR camera. Goodbye darkroom. Hello Photoshop.
Things I love:
  • Movies. I prefer to watch them from the comfort of my own home
  • Chocolate chip cookies with extra semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • Snuggling
  • Dunking my Double Stuff Oreo's in milk
  • Jeans, tee shirts, sandals, buns, and braids 
  • Living abroad. I've lived in China, Russia, and Sweden. And I wouldn't mind adding a few more places to my list

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